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In my English blog I start with a justification for homoeopathy. I use ‘Tricks and Treatment’, a book full of nonsense about homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is always a fascinating subject. It has many branches which encompass all of the regions of human understanding and, in this case, of misunderstanding.

Homoeopathia PuraI wrote two books in the Dutch language, the first of which is ‘Homoeopathia Pura’. It explains homoeopathy for patients and medical doctors. It deals with the topics of how to find a remedy and how to prepare medicines, gives some examples of therapy, a discussion regarding a book about the ‘coming together’ of clinic and homoeopathy and, last but not least, includes an introduction to the Armtest Procedure III. This is a test adapted to the living, and the living patient is its ‘instrument’. The book helps increase the understanding of important practical data. It has been translated into English and published by Eburon, also with the title ‘Homoeopathia Pura’ (Delft, Holland); ISBN 978-9059721937. This book is available at Amazon.
The second book is ‘Philosophy and Medicine’, which gives a theoretical justification for Homoeopathic Medicine. It has been edited in Dutch and translated into English. I am trying to find an English or American publisher to publish it.

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